Good morning! The rain is back today so a cheerful post is in order. I have someone very special to introduce you to. His name is Max, aka: the most ridiculously adorable miniature schnauzer on the planet! This ball of fluff came into my life at 7 weeks old. He's got the sweetest little personality and is so well behaved. Well; that is until he sees birds, squirrels, cats, bunnies or anything else outside his window. He has what I call the Louie bark; his little friend from 2 doors down, the Baxter bark; his cockapoo friend from 3 doors up, the daddy is home bark and run to the door as fast as I can and the Joey bark (his "big brother") that he loves, loves, loves to pieces! Trash day brings out the vocal best in him when those giant blackbirds are investigating the smorgasbord that has been set at the curb for them! He lives for walks, treats (that he will perform tricks for), laying in front of the tiny heater under daddy's desk, his giant ball in the back yard and believe it or not snow! His eyes light up with excitement when the white stuff shows up. I think his favorite word on the planet is snowball! He will chase them non stop (or until mommy's arm wears out). So without further delay here he is.......my beautiful boy!

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