Memory Lane!

Hi friends! As many of you know there is an abundance of Liebster love in the blogosphere right now. The very sweet Pauline @ Craft Obsession bestowed this award on me yesterday and today Mackie @ MackieMade Paper Creations gave me the shout out as well. Ladies I am truly humbled...thank you!
Since I already received the award last year I'm not sure if I am to pass it along again. So instead I thought I would take a trip down memory lane. I'll send you to visit my Liebster choices of last year and a couple of great new blogging friends that I'm sure you'll love meeting. These are some wonderful ladies ~ friends I hold dear that inspire me every time I visit their blogs. They all still meet the Liebster follower criteria (less than 300) so you could visit them and become a follower too...hey now that's a good idea!!! Can I re-Liebster my Liebsters???!!!

First up is Cyndie @ Artful Haven. Cyndie awarded me the Liebster in May of 2011 and we've been visiting each other on a regular basis ever since! I credit her to putting me on the map so to speak.  She's one crafty lady, clever, inventive and full of inspiration! She's left my jaw hanging on many occasions!! Her altered art pieces are genius. She's a treasure in my book.

Next up is Lisa @ My Creative Endeavors. I nominated Lisa for the award after spying some of her work on my blogging rounds. My namesake and I have also been in touch ever since. Wish we were neighbors! Her work is fresh and clean and she never ceases to amaze me with her abundance of creativity. She has a way with paper piecing that I greatly admire!

Tracey @ In My Creative Opinion was next on my list of nominations. I discovered her blog through challenges at Papertrey Ink and became hooked on her beautiful cards. I never miss her posts or she mine...what a doll. She's a whiz kid with Papertrey Ink stamps and dies! If you want inspiration for their products she's your go to gal!! 

Ally @ Laughadaisy...where to begin! Ally and I met while commenting back and forth through various challenges. We became followers of each other and have never looked back! Oh my she's a sweetheart who has a flair for words and and a wealth of creativity. I always look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve. Talk about the master of impression plates ~ whew!  Ally girl you're the cream of the crop!! (*received the Liebster last month from Tracey)

And how could I ever leave out my sweet Marie @ Ink'd Wings. My own personal cheerleader!  As I look back I think we found each other at CR84FN. Goodness me she always make the best stuff ~ such versatility! Have you visited her in her butterfly garden? Grab something to drink as you'll be there quite awhile!! I see she was awarded the Liebster this week ~ yippee!!

I also awarded the Liebster to Jill of Anjillic Creations. I haven't seen anything posted from Jill in quite some time. Her work was lovely and I miss it.

Gosh I think I could go ON and ON with my list of bloggers ~ Mynnette, Marybeth ~ eeek I can't stop!!! So much love and so much inspiration in this card making world of ours. Please pay a visit to all the ladies I've linked you to today and show them some love.  Big ol' E-Hugs to ALL of you!! ~Lisa

*Edited March 8th ~ Another Liebster was given to me this morning by Lisa @ bellalistona!
That makes four...I've gone from a triple play to a home run! THANK YOU EVERYONE


Pauline said...

Some fabulous choices here Lisa, and some new names for me to visit too! Have a great day!

Cyndie said...

Gosh Lisa, you are SO sweet! Your work has inspired me as well--so glad I happened across your blog last year!

Tracey McNeely said...

Lisa, what a wonderful post today. You have to be the sweetest and I love following your blog and seeing what your latest lovely creation is. Keep doing what you are doing my friend. :)

Colleen Dietrich said...

You are so loved, Lisa! congrats on your 4 Liebsters. You deserve the award, 'cause you are such a sweet lady and creative crafter. :)

Marie said...

You deserve each and every award. Your creations are spectacular. I always get loads of ideas when I visit your blog. Thanks for the shout-out. I think I'll have to take a road trip in the westerly direction one of these days! You are awesome!

Teresa Kline said...

congrats, your cards are gorgeous!

enjoy *~*

Ally said...

Well, I was gifted this award a week or so ago, and I wanted to pass it on to you! I feel the same way about your blog. ;-)

And thanks for making me cry!! Honestly. Maybe I'm putting out a few good cards lately, but I really am strugging with how I feel about my creativity right now - still in that rut. Reading your thoughts do my heart much good. Thank you, my friend. Really. ;-)