Give-A-Way Winner!

Hi friends I hope you all had a nice weekend! We had trick or treaters on Saturday evening and then enjoyed a quiet Sunday. Today is the day that someone wins this cute jar of DeNami buttons!!! 

I let my hubby pick the number. I said pick a number between one and twenty nine. Easy task right. Wrong LOL!!! He said "Oh boy do I pick the first number to comment or the last number to comment!" Sorry about all of you folks in between, he was just concentrating on #1 and #29!! Then he said I can't do it LOL!!! I said oh good grief just pick a number. Then he blurted out #29. I seriously think it would have been faster to load up that random number thingy, but this was probably more fun...just watching those wheels in his cute head turn ~ that's my guy!!!


So as you have read, my lucky winner is comment #29

Congrats Michelle!! Send me an email with your mailing info and I'll get these out to you right away. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by. I have another give-a-way planned with my November Button Boutique!


Jill Norwood said...

Congrats Michele! :)

Marybeth said...

Oh how fun to see that Michele won! I love the way your husband thinks? Made me smile! Congrats to sweet Michele !

Paulina said...

Your hubby is hilarious! :) Yay to Michelle for sneaking in that last comment!

Michelle said...

Lisa, please thank your Husband for me!!! I have to laugh because I have often thought about choosing a number that way...so much easier...or maybe not!
Thank you sooooo much!

Larissa Heskett said...

Congrats!! I agree MORE FUN!! Have a Favulous Week!! ;)