So I thought to myself one day that it might be interesting to give this blogging thing a try. Maybe someone out there would enjoy a peek into my little corner of the world. My main focus will be on card making  My little world of stamping and paper crafting that I just love, love, love. Ahhh....the hunt for pretty papers, stamps, and  those tiny treasures that help to bring my little works of art to life. I'll toss in some cooking and baking here and there. My son has said on several occasions "Mom, you should open a restaurant !" And then of course there are my daily adventures with my ridiculously adorable miniature schnauzer. Who knew this precious little dog would have such an impact on my life.

This is an exciting adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you. Be patient with me as I navigate my way through it. After all I just started texting a year or so ago! One day my daughter- in-law asked me if I had heard of a droid. My response was "Yeah, they were those little robots in Star Wars." Of course she was referring to a cell phone...we had a good laugh. I just love her to pieces.

As with all new adventures this will be a work in progress with some tweaking (and most likely typos) along the way. I hope to get my first card posted in a day or so. I already have several made and ready to photograph for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by! ~ Lisa

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I like your blog banner.