Craft Storage Ideas!

Hello there fellow bloggers!! Today is my turn to share a post at Craft Storage Ideas and I have a peek into an extra special craft room. One of my dearest blogging friends, Sue Lelli of Card Therapy, was kind enough to share a few photos of her room with me! Thanks sweet Sue, you are a PEACH!! Hop on over to CSI to check out her "card room".

This will also be my final post with Craft Stoage Ideas. My term has come to an end and I have decided it's time to step down. There is a DT call going on in case you are interested!

Have yourself a terrific day ~Lisa


Marybeth said...

Love seeing a bit more of Sue’s room.

Greta said...

You were a great DT member, Lisa--always loved your posts!

Larissa Heskett said...

LOVE THIS!! I have ENJOYED your Posts and I would have NEVER found this site otherwise!! =) BEST of LUCK with your Next Crafting Adventure!! =)